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Our Company

The foundation of Seniors Caring for Seniors is for our active Senior Members to Respect our Elders, Act with High Integrity and Strive for Excellence.

Brian (Owner/ President):

Brian is the Owner and President of Seniors Caring for Seniors.  He is a Pharmacist that has worked in the medical field for 30 years.  He sees a growing need (crisis) for more Senior Care and also realizes that the best group of people to meet this need are the currently active Senior Retirees.  Seniors Caring for Seniors enables a "win-win" for those Seniors in need and for those Seniors able to be a caregiver as a part-time position.

The active Senior Team Members of the company can "pay it forward" and perhaps one day benefit from the in-home care themselves as an alumni member of the company.

As the company grows, the vision is for Seniors Caring for Seniors team members to broadly impact the lives of less active Seniors across the St Louis area.  The plan is to create the Seniors Caring for Seniors Center for Aging Excellence.  From this headquarter base, team members will work together to contribute broadly to the success and health of Seniors.